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Simple yet effective body language techniques, designed for the average woman, are finally revealed in this new eBook "The Secret Body Language Guide For Women"... It covers all aspects of body language, from flirting, to reading a mans body language, and more...

From: Peta Fletcher

Tuesday, 12:42 PM

Dear Friend,

You're about to learn some incredibly powerful body language secrets, that most women don't know, and probably never will.

If you know these body language secrets then you have a much greater chance of success and happiness in life. But if you don't know them you are living a life with blinkers on- only seeing a fraction of what is really going on.

In fact, these body language secrets could be one of the most important things you'll ever learn.

You see, despite what everyone thinks, most communication is NOT via the spoken word!

In fact, studies by psychologist Albert Mehrabian have shown that only 7% of communcation is via the spoken word! 38% is by the tone of the words, and a massive 55% of all human communication is made via body language!

Think about that for a second! If you don't understand body language, you're missing out on 55% of the message!

This explains why a lot of women miss out on things in life- they are only seeing a fraction of what is really going on! They miss out on signals others send them- so they can't tell if other people are bored, excited, or even lying to them.

And they can't even tell when men are attracted to them!

Worse, they don't even know what messages they are sending out- sometimes sending out exactly the opposite message to what they want!

Just imagine... You could be interested in a guy, but your body language signals may be telling him that you are not interested in him- or even worse, that you are bored, or even repulsed by him!

I think you'll agree, it's a scary thought, and explains why so many people today are single, or not in a happy relationship.

If you do understand body language though, then you can see the 55% of the message that is hidden to others. You'll know when people are lying to you. You'll know when the guy in the office is attracted to you. And you'll be able to send out signals to him so that he is drawn to you...

But before I get into that, let me tell you a little about myself...

My name is Peta Fletcher, and I've always been interested in body language. I've studied it since I was a child, and I talk about it with my friends all the time. It's a subject that fascinates me. In fact- one of my favourite pasttimes is to "people watch"- observe people from a distance, and work out what they are thinking.

I use my body language skills all the time.

I particularly like using them while I'm out. I'm able to use my body language techniques to attract any man I want in the room. It's quite funny really, as a lot of the younger, more beautiful women look totally bewildered as I effortless attract the guy they had their eye on!

I can tell exactly what they are thinking... "How is she doing that? I'm younger, and more attractive than her, so why is he paying her all the attention, and ignoring me?"

It's not that I dress provocatively, or that I'm particularly sexy.

So what's my secret?

It's simple really... I know how to use body language to...

Give Off The Correct Signals To Seem Irresistable To Him!

This almost works like magic... when you use these techniques men will become subsconsciously drawn to you, and they won't even know why!

A lot of this information is hard to come by. It's hidden deep in academic books. Some of the body language secrets I know aren't written down anywhere- I learnt them myself through trial and error.

My friends have benefited from my body language techniques for years, but recently I decided that others should benefit from my knowledge as well.

So I have decided to write an eBook revealing everything I know.

This book reveals all my body language secrets, and everything I've learnt from many years of study and experimenting. You will learn...

  • The truth about confidence, and how 6 special techniques can be used to make you look, and feel more confident in just 30 seconds. (Page 24)
  • The 5 easy-to-understand signs that someone is lying... Imagine knowing when someone is trying to deceive you. (Save yourself from being ripped off by reading page 9)
  • How to use body language to attract a man from across the room. (Page 32)
  • WARNING: A common belief that is 100% wrong, and very risky. Following this common fallacy may leave you desperate and lonely. (Page 36)
  • What never to do with your arms... this will sabotage all your body language efforts. (Find out how on page 19)
  • Why everyone loves babies... and how you can use the same technique to instantly put any man at ease. You won't believe how easy and effective this technique is. (Page 17)
  • Why watching certain popular TV shows can dramatically improve your body language skills... but only if you do this first. (Page 42 reveals all)
  • Attract men simply and easily. Even the most shy and timid woman will enjoy success with this technique. (Page 32)
  • WARNING: Not all smiles are created equal! This particular smile reveals to you that someone is being insecure. (Find out more on page 19)
  • And much, much more.

Some of this information is priceless, which makes pricing the book quite hard.

What price do you put on information that allows you to attract the man YOU want, rather than just waiting for whatever man fate decides to throws at you?

How do you value information that could save someone from missing out on the relationship of their dreams... just because they couldn't read the signals the man was giving off?

What's it worth to use body language to influence your children subconsciously- persuade them to clean their room, get them to do their homework without arguing, or even keeping them away from drugs?

Think about that for a second... What is powerful information like that worth to you?

Just imagine... never being suckered, taken for a ride, or ripped off ever again, because you know when someone is trying to lie to you!

Just imagine... being able to read men like a book, knowing what they are thinking, and how they feel about you, before you even speak to them...

Just imagine... knowing what to do to seem irresistable to any man you want.

I'm sure you'll agree, knowledge that powerful is worth a lot.

But luckily, you won't have to pay that much for these secrets.

You can buy today for only $19.95. Click here to buy today

I'm so sure these body language secrets will work for you, that I'm willing to back it up with my...

Personal 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

These body language techniques are incredibly powerful. They have worked for me, they have worked for hundreds of others, and I guarantee they will work for you. When you buy, you have 60 days to evaluate the eBook.

In the unlikely event that you are not 100% happy with your purchase then just contact me and I will give you a prompt and courteous refund.

It's that simple!

Don't You Think It's Time You Did Something For Yourself For A Change?

Right now you have 2 choices...

1) You can do nothing.

In 3 months time you will be the same person, and nothing will have changed. You won't understand men, and will have no idea if they like you or not, and will probably be disappointed and lonely.


2) You can buy now by clicking here, and start on a whole new way of living your life. Finally you can really understand men- know which men are interested in you, and learn incredible techniques to attract men quickly and easily. You may even use these techniques to meet "Mr Right", and be swept off your feet by the man of your dreams.

Don't you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try?

YES! I want to buy The Secret Guide to Body Language for Women

I understand that:

  • I'll get instant access to all your powerful body language secrets
  • The cost is only $19.95
  • The book is in digital form. As soon I order I will receive a link to download. I can then view or print the eBook, and start applying these secrets tips and tricks in my life.
  • My order will be through ClickBank, and will be 100% safe and secure.
  • I can get my full money back, if I'm not happy for any reason, up to 60 days after I purchase.

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Peta Fletcher

P.S: I used these body language techniques to attract (and keep) my current husband, when I was a nervous, bankrupt, single mom, with 2 children. I'm sure you'll agree, this must be one of the hardest situations to date in... and yet the secrets revealed in this book made attracting the man of my dreams incredibly easy. If they worked for me, then I know that they can work for you as well... in fact, I guarantee it! Just click here to buy now

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